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Background Information
NameSander De Wandeleer
Country of BirthBelgium Belgium
BirthdayAugust 23, 1999 (age 22)
TeamRetiredlogo std.pngRetired
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Late 2017
Logo std.pngMemento Mori
Late 2017
Logo std.pngFIVE
Early 2018
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Mid 2020
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Stush Gaminglogo std.pngStush Gaming
"I will play this game til they shut down the servers, I have fully accepted that"



Doomblud is a Belgian player who started playing the game during Alpha. He lost his account when switching laptops late 2016 which is when his current account was created. His passion for the game grew immensely when the ps4 beta came out which is when he was finally able to play the game with decent graphics and framerate. He transitioned to PC when he got his college laptop, a gaming laptop with a 1050ti, which allowed for a stable fps at lower graphics settings. He entered his first few team around this time as well, not finding much success he decided to learn the game properly before giving the competitive scene another go at the end of 2019.

During this period he would regularly sub for t3 teams, even being part of their roster in some tournament finales and claiming some prizes along the way. Doomblud went through some rough times with his parents during this time which translated to extreme levels of toxicity. A beast that was later tamed by the inevitability of becoming an adult. His calmed down mind led to Doomblud doing one of the most insane things any Paladins player can undertake, learning every small thing about the game. In this period you could ask Doomblud every DPS output, range scaling, aoe falloff percentage and ability duration, he would tell you with 99% accuracy. He studied every champ, not with the intention of playing them, but with the intention of beating them. This would propel him into Grandmaster at the start of season 2 where he would land in the top 25 players within 2 weeks of season 2, split 1. After this he felt like he no longer had anything to prove and returned to quick play to hone his skills and expand his roster of champions.

He would eventually cross paths with Piritex and Kyro. The captain and coach of a small team. Initially the team had a completely different roster. Piri and Kyro gave up on the team though due to the majority of the roster being unwilling to adapt, leaving the team within just 2 weeks. Shortly after however, Piritex would reach out to Doomblud about a new team, while they had a solid roster, the team was lacking a flexible DPS player. Doomblud accepted the offer and was thrown into the new teams third set of scrims. This team was known as Cataclysm at the time but would eventually become part of StushGG, a British esports group. The team had a rocky start, swapping some members and going through the early stages of a team Doomblud had seen so many times by now. But he pulled through. Eventually Piritex left as a coach which left the team in a state where they would have no clear direction of improving. Doomblud then called upon his best friend, GaigeTheViking, to coach the team. One of the things that was immediately clear was the lack of a leader. Doomblud was assigned the IGL role, which transformed his usual quiet nature into a drill sergeant, barking orders. Orders, which led to improvement.

Stush saw itself beating their rivals, infected dragons, on a more regular basis and even started taking points from teams which seemed untouchable before, and before they knew it they started hitting top 3 on the regular. Unfortunately, this is where the real life side of Doomblud's story intertwines.

After quitting the team Doom would take the game more casually, making cynical comments about the games future.

Personal life [TW Depression, self harm and suicide]

Doom struggled a lot in life and dealt with tons of rough times on his own. A past he would rather leave behind.

Doomblud was not born into the simplest of families. His father can't let go of control and his mother seems angry at Doom for simply existing at times. Both sets of grandparents he is left aside. Either for his youngest cousin and oldest sister on 1 end of the family, or together with his sister as the children of the least favourite daughter. He was always to blame for things going wrong and never congratulated on achievements. He would turn to video games at a rather young age, something he grew addicted to by the very mechanism his parents put in place to prevent addiction, not being allowed to play more than an hour a day. He was introduced to Pokemon by his then only friend R. R was a quiet kid just like Doom so they spent many hours pretending to have Pokemon fights on a quiet part of the playground. He picked up Judo but was shut out by everyone as he was shut out by everyone at school. He was happy however to have at least 1 friend.

When entering secondary school (age 12) Doomblud had to leave behind his only friend R and make new friends. This is where he devoted his time to taking care of Y, a kid who was near blind. He guided him through hallways between classes, helped with notes during class and generally was there in every way possible. This would only last about a year. Y would eventually start hanging out with some other kids, something which Doom didn't mind. There was a rule that only 2 people were allowed to stay in the classroom with Y during lunch breaks. Initially taking turns with a group of 4 friends, Doom was eventually just shut out entirely under some stupid excuse every break, which led to Doom turning his back on Y to finish the remaining 5 years of his secondary school on his own. Making no real life friends at all.

His home situation at this time was rocky too. Achievements were brushed off as expected while small failures were thrown out of proportion. Doomblud eventually stopped trying to succeed and just played games all day. Which was taken away from him shortly after. At the age of 16 Doom was not allowed to leave the house for any activities, not allowed to play with toys or play videogames and not allowed to use the internet or watch tv. He had a desk and his books. Which he resented. Most of his time was spent blankly staring at the wall.

In the final year of his secondary school Doom would attempt to overdose on painkillers. He was home alone that night and decided that life wasn't worth it anymore. After taking 4 painkillers his dog Laika entered the room, visibly concerned and curled up on Doom's lap with a ball in her mouth. Had it not been for this moment, Doom would have most likely never put the box of painkillers away and gotten more than a good nights sleep from it. Doom keeps this ball next to him on his desk, even fidgeting with it on stream a couple times in late 2020.

After finally getting through secondary school Doom would start college of with the intention of not making any friends and simply focusing on studying, playing games with a small group of friends he'd made over the summer in Memento Mori. GaigeTheViking would eventually become his best friend. This plan was foiled however when the person sitting next to him asked whether he liked games, obviously referring to his cheap, rgb gaming mouse. This would be his first ever IRL friend. He would eventually make friends with a bunch more people from his college class.

Doom would be knocked down to just a husk of his new self in 2020, when his dog passed away to an autoimmune disease at the age of 5. This the event referred to in the previous segment. For many years Laika had been the only source of light in Dooms life. Had it not been such a sudden loss then maybe it wouldn't have left him in the wrecked state it did. Many people who spoke to him during this period noticed how his mind would wander off. Doom has not let go of his dog, keeping a picture of her as his desktop background ever since her passing. Playing catch with her one morning where everything seemed fine only to find her with a swollen stomach, barely able to move the same evening. 2 days later Doom would cancel scrims to rush to the Vets and say goodbye as they attempted to fix a hole in her intestine for a second time, a surgery she had a low chance of surviving, and unfortunately didn't.

The loss of his dog caused Doom to lose passion in everything. He quit working on a school project, he stopped studying for exams and he stopped playing Paladins for a while. When he returned to the team he decided after 2 weeks that he no longer felt like fighting with his parents over his bedtime at the age of 20 and just accept that as long as he lives at home he won't be able to pursue any passions properly.

After a rough period Doom finally got his life on track, mainly by one of his IRL friends nearly forcing him to join the voice call he regularly hangs out in. Doom is now part of a group and goes out to the bar regularly with friends, having a far healthier relation with gaming in general.

Biscuit Inc

Doomblud and his best friend GaigeTheViking are inseparable. This was proven when they decided to start a tournament together. The aim of Biscuit Inc was to create a fun tournament which bends the rules each edition to provide a more dynamic experience. Unfortunately the Paladins community seems filled with people who only care about playing the game to make a quick buck rather than having a laugh. The crystal prizing was added as a bonus at first but it became obvious that many tryhards simply didn't want to play a tournament which limited their champion pools.

Doomblud understandable decided to ditch the tournament and is working on a video explaining why exactly he left as well as some general concerns for the game.

In the general chat of Biscuit Inc's Discord server Doomblud mentioned the tournament might return when Evil Mojo allows more interesting rulesets to be created within the custom games creator.


While working for Legacy League TV, Doomblud made a joke in the leagues general chat about the possession of oversized male genitalia. The joke was interpreted as a joke about unconsensual coitus by an ex employee of HiRez which nearly cause Doom to be blacklisted for eternity. Doom had dealt with tons of injustice and fought alongside the 2 founders of the league, Wuffie and GGJay, to keep him off the blacklist and to get the league's prizing back. They succeeded and Doom pretends to be scared of fridges as a joke. "The OG's remember the fridge" is one of his many quotes about the incident alongside him randomly tweeting "fridge" from time to time, knowing that ex employee still checks his twitter from time to time.


  • Doomblud's favourite champion is Barik. A funny coincidence alongside this is that his best friends favourite champion is Makoa, who shares the same voice actor.
  • Doomblud is known to butcher peoples names on purpose as a sign of friendship. He will refer to NTBees as NTBizzle, WuffieGG as Wuffles (or sometimes Wufflydunklies) and TJDJ as Teejers alongside many more. One of the most notable ones is how he pronounces his friend Feie's name as Fedschjen, which Feie eventually adopted as his online handle.
  • The first time Doomblud would refer to himself as Doomblud was back in 2009 on a browser game called Sherwood Dungeon. His limited English led to him slapping some edgy words together and misspelling one at that. He grew attached to it however and started using it everywhere a couple years later.